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Happening Now:

Our bonded pair of barn owls have returned to their owl house for the 2018 season.


Watch them live here:

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Only male turkeys have the bright red beard or gobble commonly associated with these birds. Males also display an impressive fan-like tail and ruffled feathers. They have a distinctive gobbling call that can be heard for a mile away.

male turkeys
Male turkeys





Turkeys "Strutting Their Stuff"

Turkeys love other turkeys, and they seem unable to resist the beautiful turkey reflection staring back at them from a clean car. Some turkeys have been known to be car chasers, causing accidents, in an effort to catch up with its potential soul mate. In this video, the turkeys are intrigued with their reflections in the car. You can see them showing off their plumage and hear them gobbling. You may need to turn up your speaker volume.



From the moment a turkey egg is laid, there is predator looking for an easy lunch. Only about half the turkey nests make it to hatching. Snakes, raccoons, owls, coyotes, and hawks, just to name a few, will grab eggs and newly-hatched turkeys (poults).