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Happening Now:

Our bonded pair of barn owls have returned to their owl house for the 2018 season.


Watch them live here:

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Barn Owls Live Now


Welcome to Silicon Valley Nature Cam

Silicon Valley Nature Cam is here to share urban wildlife. Silicon Valley is located in the Bay Area of Northern California, just South of San Francisco. This area is well-known for many large high-tech and startup companies, but the surrounding foothills provide a wealth of nature and wildlife to enjoy.

We are especially lucky to have a bonded barn owl pair return to our owl house annually. During this entire process, our goal is to keep the live web-cam streaming 24/7 so everyone can enjoy this couple's journey and the wonder of new life in the wild, from their courtship to their fledging. Please take note, though, that as we witness the daily joys of them raising their young, we also witness the daily struggles and cycle of life and death in detail and in real-time.

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